Chaff & light trash

A thesis show by Bhavani Srinivas
November 20–23, 2020
Hagan Gallery, 185 Nassau St, Princeton, NJ


  1 Bindi mirror
  2 Your hair is eating too!
  3 Thalippu
  4 Imaginary friends
  5 Ikat printers and loom
  6 Pindam
  7 1008 coconuts
  8 Beep
  9 Happy only
  10 Light trash
  11 Pathologized Caslon




“Put the rice in, and run cold water in to fill the pot so that
the chaff and light trash floats to the top. Some grains of rice
will rise, too, but save them.”

—Edna Lewis in theTaste of Country Cooking






Bindi mirror



Canvas, transparency film, pokeberries, goldenrod, sticker pottus, metallic thread, green marble gesso, beads, methyl cellulose

Your hair is eating too!



Velvet book cloth, silk and cotton fabric from Nalli 100, my hair, foundation, methyl cellulose, hair dye, collagen paper, turmeric, lampworked glass beads





Lamp, hand-forged copper, karuveppilai, milagu, ponni, Carolina Gold rice, wire, copper pipe, brick wall fragments, silk cotton shibori, wood, cotton, polyester and metallic thread, steel cylinders, indigo-dyed twine, wooden dowel, cardboard tube, spraypaint, steel square tube


Imaginary friends



Fountain pumps, cochineal, madder root, pre-reduced indigo, osage orange sawdust, silk, yak and wool yarns, carpet, copper electrical wire, water, plastic trays, copper pipe, plastic tubing, copper refrigeration coil


Ikat printers and loom



Dye from imaginary friends, cinderblocks, fragments of brick wall, plastic bag, tote bags, chemical dye, spray paint, cardboard tube, cotton yarn, copper pipe, pipe hanger strap, stone beads





Silk, cotton, and synthetic fabric from Nalli 100, Japan and Nepal, bookcloth from Firestone Conservation Lab, glass beads, spray-painted staples, paper towel, silk cotton, paruppu podi, oil paint, collected fibers, wood shavings, dye plant seeds, nastursium seeds, rust, plastic bags, hair, sticker pottu packets, paper, notebook, surya chandra, jewelry, bells, shalangai, PBJ sandwich, jar, linen, wool, cotton, nettle and synthetic yarns, keychains, varsity letters, woodblock, mussel shells, doll heads, sequins, leaves, projectors, cardboard boxes, aqua-resin, acai beads, Lloyd's Register project forms


1008 coconuts



Electrical wire, plastic coated chain, rhinestone chain, raw silk, plaster gauze casts, cotton thread, raw silk, projector, video, brick wall fragments, steel frame, rubber tubing, leather, culvert drainage pipe





Artist books: Please close the door and Wanted, electrical wire, wool yarn, leather, culvert drainage pipe, screws


Happy only


Eversilver engraved by Tamil Arasu. Carpet woven under the instruction of Prasida Chavan.

Stainless steel tumblers and dabaras from Ratna Stores, cotton yarn


Light trash



Lampworked glass, charcoal, sticker pottus, plaster casts, kolam powder, glitter, dragon skin, aluminum foil, duct tape, wooden dowel and block, alginate, silk, indigo, cochineal, walnut hulls, cotton yarn, chemical dye, hand-forged copper, steel wire, fork, foam, carpet


Pathologized Caslon



This website is typeset in Pathologized Caslon, a distortion of the semibold weight of Carol Twombly's Adobe Caslon Pro that I made for Art Hx.




Chaff & light trash is a thesis show by Bhavani Srinivas. Chaff & light trash was installed from November 20–23, 2020 in Hagan Gallery at 185 Nassau Street, the building that houses Princeton University's Program in Visual Arts.

Hagan Gallery and Princeton University occupy the unceded traditional territory of the Nanticoke Lenni-Lenape Tribal Nation.

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Documentation was photographed by Megan Pai, Victor Guan, and T.R. Srinivas.

I thank my advisors, Martha Friedman, David Reinfurt, and Anna Arabindan-Kesson, as well as James Welling, Laura Coombs, and MJ Daines for their generous advice. I am also grateful to the staff at 185, especially Nick Sharpe and Orlando Murgado, Eric Li, Eli Berman, Somi Jun, MC Otani, Ariane Fong, Sharon Musa, Sophie Wheeler, Cammie Lee, Victor Guan, Megan Pai, Jhor van der Horst, Janette Lu, and Gaby Pollner, and my parents, grandparents, and brothers for their support.